Family Travel: Collect Experiences, Not Things.

When I first got married 10 years ago a woman I met gave me some advice that always stuck with me… she said for the first few years of their marriage she and her husband gave each other and their children “things” as gifts… electronics, jewelry, clothing, etc. but over time realized that the experiences they had together were so much more valuable and memorable… from that point on they decided they would only gift each other (and their children) experiences. Last spring we chose to do a Disney Cruise instead of a birthday party for my daughter’s 4th birthday. It was the best decision we have made for a birthday gift. It was truly a gift for everyone.

As we approach the holidays I have thought about this quite a bit. My kids are young and still like “stuff” so I am hoping to find a balance between giving “things” and giving experiences- one they will remember and cherish forever.

There are a few gifts they will get for the holidays… books, toys, games, etc but I plan to make some of them experiences. We will be in NYC near the holidays so I am planning a carriage ride in Central Park  and a tea party as holiday gifts for them. What have you given to your kids or loved ones in lieu of “things”???


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