Need a “Guacamologist” or a “Cupid Concierge”? Hotels with Unique Specialists

On the plane ride back from St. John I read this fantastic article in USA Today by Nancy Trejos about hotel’s with interesting on-site specialists, each created to meet the needs and desires of it’s customers.

A few notable specialists mentioned in the article:

  • Need a sidekick to help plan a fabulous proposal or a super romantic honeymoon? Maybe the “Cupid Concierge” at Opus Hotel Vancouver in British Columbia could help.
  • My favorite? The guacamologist at the Ritz Carlton Dallas! Can you imagine hosting a wedding where the guacamologist creates customs batches of guacalmole for your guests? so much fun. Pair those with some tasty margaritas and your good-time-guests are all set.
  • The most absurd specialist mentioned in this article has to be the dog surfing instructor at Su’ruff Camp at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Hilarious! I guess I might pay to watch my pup attempt to surft. It must be pretty cute.

Photograph via Ritz Carlton

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