Asheville North Carolina Wedding Venues

biltmore wedding asheville destination wedding

My best friend is getting married and I am beyond thrilled. It is extra special when I get to help a friend plan their wedding. They are considering Asheville, North Carolina for their wedding and the options are nothing short of dreamy….

First up: The Biltmore Estate via BorrowedBlueWeddings, Photo by: Brittany Connor Photography

biltmore wedding asheville destination wedding

The Biltmore Estate is an absolute dream. The backdrop of the estate is breathtaking and a there are quite a few options and price points available to choose from. You can select a tented reception in from of the estate, a more traditional ballroom location, or a few rustic options such as the Antler Hill Barn.



Tampa Bridal Store Opening, Isabel O’Neil Featuring Treat Me Sweet

Between the gorgeous Hyde Park shop White Magnolia (a second location to it’s Jacksonville home) and the new Isabel O’Neil Bridal on Dale Mabry… it’s nice to see a fresh wedding dress options in Tampa.

I was thrilled to see that our friend Darla and her Tampa macaron business, Treat Me Sweet provided her delicious treats at the Isabel O’Neil opening. I absolutely have loved the cupcake trend…but I am excited to see more and more macarons at wedding… they are a perfectly polished (and pretty) favor for weddings. I always recommend that couples provide an edible favor (sorry no one want to take home a bobble head of you two :). The macarons can be customized with different colors, flavors and even a custom design such as a monogram or logo.

How incredible is this tower of macarons?

tampa macaron wedding favors

Photography by Pezz Photo

Weddings During Hurricane Season, Inclement Weather Concerns and Wedding Planning


Welll helllooo from Tropical Storm Andrea! There are whipping palm trees and white capped waves outside my window right now… thought this post for perfect for a re-run today!


This is a very tricky topic…. of course anytime of the year your event could face rain and heavy storms but hurricane seasons in the Southeast  is of particular concern.According to the National Hurricane Center the season, “in the Atlantic begins June 1st and ends November 30th. The Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins May 15th and also ends November 30th.”  Sometimes it cannot be avoided if you only have a certain window of time when you can get married but if you can avoid hurricane season in the southern coastal areas and the Caribbean I would highly recommend it.


Many times hotels and wedding professionals will offer heavily discounted rates for wedding events and hotel accommodations during hurricane season. These deals can make a huge difference in your budget and sometimes allow you to use a venue that you might have not otherwise been able to afford. It can be especially tempting when it comes to hotel room rates for your guests, you might have your heart set on a lovely destination setting but the prices might be daunting (particularly when it comes to asking guests to pay for airfare, hotel accommodations, etc)


I have attended and worked out a ton of weddings, in the MidAtlantic, South and Caribbean/Bahamas…. some of which took place during hurricane season. Sometimes (MANY times) everything goes fine, just as planned but other times the weather takes over the event. I am actually a big fan of rainy weddings, they are gorgeous, romantic and memorable but weddings with dangerous weather change everything. Aside from safety my biggest concern is the out of town guests that have airline and hotel reservations. If you are planning a wedding somewhere that is easily accesible to most of your guests and you do not expect out of town guests than the weather concerns might be less of an issue.

weddings during snowstorm dc

Here is a story for you: My brother-in-law and sister-in-law planned their wedding for October 2005 on Jupiter Beach in South Florida. They planned an outdoor ceremony and reception. Wedding ceremony on the beach, dinner & dancing  under hanging twinkle lights on a patio looking over the ocean. Beautiful, right? Well, the wedding was still beautiful, amazing, incredible and SO fun but a few days prior to a hurricane was projected to hit there ON THEIR WEDDING DAY. We crossed our fingers and hoped it would turn a different direction, but it didn’t. Plans had to change (as sometimes they do) and the rehearsal dinner was canceled and the wedding was moved to Friday. Luckily, the wedding vendors they hired happened to all be available for Friday evening and everything took place Friday. It was fantastic and still a perfect day BUT many friends and family were unable to come because of the weather… dangerous driving conditions, canceled flights and in some cases just fear of the hurricanes arrival.

So, the moral of the story is this: as much as we plan and plan and plan we never know what the weather will be and my greatest advice is to consider the consequences for your guests. When deciding if you should plan your wedding during hurricane season (or during other possible inclement weather).. consider their ability to travel, recoup costs, and most importantly reach the event so they can witness your wedding day.

Happy Planning!

Photograph of DC wedding during a blizzard by K.Thompson Photography via United With Love 

Photograph of rainy wedding ceremony by Ian Johnson Photo