Brad & Angelina’s Wedding Location? Where Will They Wed?

Angelina & Brad Wedding Venue Ideas!

Somewhere exotic for sure! We have a few ideas for Brad Pitt & Angelina’s wedding venue:

1. Brad and Angelina could rent out the entire 4 bedroom Chongwe River House in Zambia (where daughter Shiloh was born), host their family and friends nearby and have a truly intimidate, exotic, and unique reception on the house’s grounds

Zambia wedding

safari wedding location


2. Aside from a safari wedding location for Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s upcoming nuptials we could also totally see them picking another natural location like the rainforest or a tropical island. We love this post from destination wedding blog, Jet Fete for a few rainforest wedding locations. We also love the Four Seasons Nevis for Brad & Angelina , it is a gorgeous travel location but a live volcano.  They have vacationed before at the Four Seasons in Costa Rica and Caneel Bay on St. John… both which are very luxurious with a dash of a rustic feel. Plus, the island can only be reached by boat so it adds another level for security for the couple.

tropical destination weddings

four seasons nevis

3. A surprise elopement? Maybe they will skip all of the wedding hoopla (as they have been together awhile and have the whole load of kiddos to think about) and maybe they will just shock us with a courthouse wedding?


Where do you think Brangelina will wed?

Photography: Chongwe River House Photos 1.  and 2, Four Seasons Nevis Photos 1 by Gulnara Studios  and 2,

Photograph of Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

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