Destination Wedding Packages

Sometimes there is value in convenience… and we all would welcome any sort of added convienence that can relieve stressful wedding planning. Clients and friends that have considered destination weddings often ask about “wedding packages” at all-inclusives or other resorts.

A few tips to keep in mind while considering destination wedding resorts like these:

1.  Ask for a la carte pricing. You want to add up which items you REALLY need/want to make sure you are not over paying for “extras” in the package that you could do without.

2. Check the resorts room rate and nearby hotel room rates for guests. You don’t want guests paying a boatload for their hotel room (that includes food) so it feels like they are contributing to the wedding reception. (Side note on this: make sure to ask the resort where you are hosting your reception what the price is for guests not staying at that resort).

3. Children welcome? Many of these resorts are adult only or have minimum age requirements. This might help if you are hoping to avoid having children at the wedding but  might be difficult if you have a family with lots of kids or want to include flower girls and ring bearers in your big day.

Below are a few resorts that often such packages:


Cruises- on board or at a port of call, such as Carnival or Royal Caribbean

Disney Weddings

Vegas: If you are not into the little drive through wedding chapels in Las Vegas you can check out some of the luxury hotels and their wedding packages…. such as: Bellagio or Wynn

Sandals: they have a fabulous wedding package customizing tool on their website

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