Great Places to Find Wedding Venues in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN

A self proclaimed RESEARCHAHOLIC I adore when I find a great website where someone has compiled a list information that includes exactly what I am looking for… and in this case it is venues for my brother’s upcoming wedding in Minnesota. If you are looking for some fun and unique wedding venues in Minneapolis, Minnesota here are a few sites that I have found to be insanely helpful:

The Simply Chic Bride Blog: Scroll down for a pretty extensive list of Minneapolis wedding locations

Mintahoe Catering: Just as mentioned in our best resources for finding a wedding venue, caterers WANT to help you find a catered venue spot so they can work for you (instead of at hotel where someone else will handle the catering.) Check out their list of Minneapolis wedding venues- some that are exclusively catered by them and others that allow various caterers to work there.

Minnesota Bride: Quite a few advertisements for wedding venues here but also includes super helpful articles on various wedding venues around Minnesota.

Photograph by Lace Hanky Photography of the Skyline Room at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. I am a sucker for skyline views and the view of from this room is killer.




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