Modern DC Wedding Venue

AU's Katzen Arts Center

DC brides, we are insanely lucky to have so many great venues in this area, BUT if you are looking for a modern wedding location in DC, they are pretty few and far between. Ornate ballrooms on the other hand? Plenty of those! If you are considering places like Longview Gallery or the Strathmore Arts Center, you might also want to consider the Katzen Arts Center at American University.

The Katzen Arts Center works especially well for  large groups- their rotunda space seats 238 and can be combined with the 2nd floor of the rotunda for an additional 150 seats. One of the museums modern staircases or windowed halls could be used for your ceremony. I love the idea of using one of the outdoor spaces on the 2nd floor for your cocktail hour, that way your guests can get a view of the whole museum and see the university across the street.  If you and your fiance met at American University this would make a great tie-in to your story.

Photograph via Flickr by Jake Waage 



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