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I left out a very important, very useful resource for finding non-hotel, outside rental wedding locations when putting together my post of Ultimate List of Wedding Location Resources . I love hotels for weddings, but I have had clients (and friends) who really wanted something “off-site” and different from a hotel ballroom. My absolute favorite resource for finding non-hotel wedding venues are the websites of fabulous catering companies. Think about it… they realllllly want you to choose a wedding venue that allows caterers so that you will hire them (because probably 99% of hotels require you use their catering unless it is for special religious or cultural reasons).

For example, let’s say you are planning a wedding in Washington, DC and want to host your wedding at a unique location that is not a hotel… I would suggest checking out a few caterers such as Occasions Caterers. They have a great list of wedding venues in DC, Maryland and Virginia listed by type and location.

Another one is Michael’s On East, a restaurant and caterer in Sarasota, Florida. They have on-site (at the restaurant) wedding spaces and also provide a list of places through out the Sarasota area where they could caterer your big day.

And in Chicago, Berghoff Catering also has a list of wedding locations in Chicago.

Look up some of the well known caterers in your area and they are very likely to have a list of venues. If not, call a caterer you are likely to use… tell them you are interested in having your wedding at a off-site catered wedding space and enlist their help in finding the perfect venue! And of course, a wedding planner is a great resource as well 🙂

Photograph from Peter Callahan’s book bite by bite.  Americana food display via Trend-Trend-Trend Blog  and if you are loving the mini food catering ideas, check out our post on the Mini Food Trend



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