Chef Robert Irvine & Gail Kim’s Napa Valley Wedding Location on Wedding Impossible

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My husband and I are big into everything food/cooking related on TV. I prefer the more light hearted cooking shows whereas my husband loves the all-out competitions (ie The Next Iron Chef, Restaurant Impossible, Hell’s Kitchen, etc) I could do without all the yelling!

Wellllllll…. Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible, finally got my attention with the coverage of his wedding and wedding PLANNING on Wedding Impossible! He planned the wedding all by himself and told his bride to just show up… sweet and scary (I cannot imagine giving up all the planning control as the bride 🙂

As the episode began, I (of course) thought… where did they getting married? The answer is a gorgeous winery in Napa Valley, California: Charles Krug Winery.

Aside from being an absolutely gorgeous Napa winery wedding location, Charles Krug Winery has an amazing reception space. The Carriage House can seat up to 250 guests on each of it’s 2 floors and their outdoor lawn can host up to 700.

charles krug wedding winery napa wedding location

Images via Charles Krug Winery

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