Tampa Waterfront Event Space at Jackson’s Bistro

I attended a brunch at Jackson’s Bistro in downtown Tampa a few weeks ago. I have attended a wedding there prior but this was my first time in their Waterfront Room. The view from the room is amazing! If you happen to be a Tampa native (and old enough to remember) there used to be a tram that went from Harbor Island to where the Convention Center is… well this room was were you got on and off the tram. The Jackson’s website does not have a great photo of the view from the room but this photo does the best of what I can find.

The room is separate and completely private from the rest of Jackson’s and has its own restroom. The event space is ideal if you are looking to host a rehearsal dinner in downtown Tampa or a smaller wedding. I would recommend dressing up the entry area to the room as well as the room itself with some colorful flowers and other decor.

Image via Marriott

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