Ceremony Seating and Reception Table Sizes

Every wedding event space is unique and many times you will need to (or want to!) customize your ceremony set up to your location, bridal party, guest size, etc. Get creative. Keep it intimate, beautiful and fun. Make sure guests can see, hear, and feel comfortable (provide lemonade and hand fans in the heat, umbrellas in the sun, pashminas and heaters in the cold.) If you think guests might be uncomfortable…head indoors. It will still be an incredible, memorable ceremony. Ask your site’s event manager what works best in the space, they likely have a few recommendations as well. Consider where you (the bride?) will enter from– make it grand! and walk the space…will you walk a straight line to the altar or will you turn somewhere along the way? Below are a few common ceremony set up styles for you to consider.

Ceremony Set-up Options:


This is the most common way seating is arranged for a wedding ceremony.


(think of the cute, trendy chevron pattern): It is theater style on an angle.


The circular style of ceremony seating has become popular in the last few years. It gives an intimate feel for the guests and allows some guests to see the bride and grooms faces during the ceremony instead of their backs. Place your bridal party in the aisles of the set up in a line so they do not block your guests view of the ceremony.

And everything in between…maybe we can call this one a “swirl ceremony setup”? 🙂

Table Sizes and Capacities

Do you need to know how many people you can fit at your tables?

48′ Round Table: 6-8 guests

60′ Round Table: 8-10 guests

72′ Round Table: 10-12 guests


Splendid (VF Contemporary)

This also depends on what type of chairs you are using– you can fit more guests at each table with narrow chairs such as Chivari chairs. Hotel or restaurant chairs are usually wider.

BBJ Linens has a great “Virtual Design Center” that allows you to design your table using their catalog of linens. They also have more information about different table sizes and seating capacity.

Ceremony photo by Freed Photo, Chevron chart via Georgia Southern Event Services and Circular Ceremony Photograph via ManoloBrides.com, “Swirl” Ceremony photo via WeddingWire.com 

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